While there are hunters out there killing pigs, Alabama Hog Control Inc. has taken it to an entirely new level. Our promise to landowners is to provide the most effective and efficient hog control techniques available on the market today. And we are always working to improve our results and develop new highly effective techniques.  Alabama Hog Control Inc. was established to assist farmers, landowners, and hunting properties in the removal of wild hogs and other nuisance animals. This is accomplished using the most advanced and effective trapping and shooting systems on the market.


Ole Boar

This ole boar had been giving us the slip for about 3 months. This crew put a stop to his nonsense! That patch of soybeans is safer now. Schedule a hog hunt today!

Alabama Hog Control is all about high volume animal removal with hogs being the primary species. Day and night hunts are available.  Hunters wishing to select the night option will be issued a custom built AR semi-automatic rifle in 223, 300 black out, or 308 caliber. This weapon will utilize a military grade thermal scope. Hunters will able to select from the different brands of thermal optic scopes that we sell. These include Pulsar, Armasight, FLIR, and ATN. These are the same optics our soldiers are using to defend our country today.

A good hunt with accurate shooters could possibly accomplish kills in the 10+ range per hunt. Do you have what it takes to reach those numbers? Come out and be a part of our team and enjoy hog hunting the effective and efficient way! These hunts are all about removing as many hogs as possible.


Sounder Removed in Sumter County

A good Sumter County catch. Caught another sounder of 11 in the same trap in the last week. Call Alabama Hog Control to remove unwanted hogs from farming land, hunting clubs, or any other place.

Alabama Hog Control (AHC) is a great source for hog trapping supplies and equipment. Employing the JAGER PRO M.I.N.E. Trapping System (Manually Initiated Nuisance Elimination), AHC has the most effective and efficient equipment available to assist landowners in removing large amounts of wild hogs. It is the goal of each trap to capture the entire sounder at one time. This has been proven to be the most effective method of reducing hog numbers on a property.

Our trapping standard is 100% capture of the entire sounder group. There have been few published studies to determine the most efficient or the most cost effective trap design needed to accomplish this task in order to successfully reduce agricultural and environmental damage of wild hogs. Our definition of efficient is to spend the least amount of time, labor and fuel to accomplish 100% capture. Our definition of cost effective is to spend the least amount of money to accomplish these same results.